by rabbit trap

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hi i wrote and recorded everything on this myself mostly in one weekend! except for desiderium which was composed by Yuki Kajiura but arranged and recorded by me. drums came from a .zip that Jane 4lung ( put on tumblr and i chopped them up. thanks for listening i worked hard on these songs :)


released April 20, 2017

jamie leer



all rights reserved


rabbit trap Flagstaff, Arizona


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Track Name: crossfaded
im crossfaded and its overrated. i think i taste my blood. im feeling stupid feeling like im jaded, naive, and volatile. if this is lonely then im acclimated 2 life with calm regrets. were getting high and railing ur apprehension, thru a 10 dollar bill. did u think that it would be okay to bridge this gap like nothing? u have a dirty evil soul, and everybody's watching. were burning bridging and were telling lies. we call that survival. a cholla cactus jumping in ur leg gets stuck in ur soul. empathy is just misdirected performative pity. i kno u think that u are doing fine! how cute and self serving :) did u think that this would b okay to bridge this gap like nothing? u have a hungry seething soul, and everybody's laughing lol
Track Name: do u
do u only want me when ur feeling horny? do u only like me when its easy? do u think im boring when im smoking pot and doing coke? do u think im pretty when im on my knees and on my back and in ur heart, crying?
Track Name: ulala
im playing space channel 5 in my underwear! ulalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... im getting way 2 stoned to leave my bed... to brush my teeth... to comb my call my mom.. to make dinner.... 2 kiss ur face zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz