coconut oil single

by rabbit trap

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demos recorded in february at the gay goose.

thank you!! all of my love.


released August 14, 2017

♥jamie leer♥



all rights reserved


rabbit trap Flagstaff, Arizona


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Track Name: coconut oil
there is coconut oil all over my thighs. would u like 2 sniff me? do u wanna kiss me? there is shame in my eyes but it feels just like pride.... if ya wanna touch me, u might have to fuck me lol. and when im lying thru my teeth i wont feel bad. theres not a guilty thought in my head. u can tell me im the best youve had. (ghost sounds) i wanna feel like im in a series produced by netflix free on my tv cuz i dont pay the subscription or own my body. if u wanna touch me u might fall in love with me ;) and when im bored outta my mind u can say that u tried. theres not an evil thought in my head ;) bb do u understand?
Track Name: league of legends
hey bb how ya doing back in hell where u kno u belong. does the desert feel like yr home or does it feel like somebody youve always had 2 kno? :/ u should come over for the weekend, u can sleep in my bed ;)i kno i rly wanna touch u or u could touch me instead :O i cant keep any commitments or hold down any promises i swore id always keep... im blowing off my obligations 2 play league of legends for the rest of my life! u should come over for the weeknd u can sleep in my bed ;) we can eat acid and speedrun halo 3. every day i think im turning dead x_x we can split a vyvanse and burn down our school finally i think then well be cool!!! (fuck nau) u should come ovr for the weekend, u can zzzzz in my bed <3 we can eat acid and play n64. every day i know im turning ded... we can split a xanax and hang out in my room, one day i hope ill get 2 c u soon................